API Program Audit

Take the first step to discover your APIs and better understand their overall health, strengths, weaknesses and threats.

Why API Audit is Important

Discover APIs across your API program

With API Sprawl on the rise, getting adequate visibility into all your services is becoming increasingly challenging. What’s more harder is enforcing the right set of security and governance protocols across your API program when you can’t fully visualize your inventory of APIs.

Gain insights into overall API health

As known and hidden technical debt increases, it potentially threatens an organizations’ credibility, reliability and security posture due to exposed API attack surfaces giving ample opportunity for miscreants to abuse. A single data breach could bring, in seconds, financial damages to the tune of millions of dollars as well as the loss of reputation and trust that took years to build.

Elevating API program maturity

With detailed insights into why your APIs are non-compliant against design and (or) security standards, you can move towards remediating audit findings and subsequently towards an API-first lifecycle management approach governed with APIwiz constantly having your API program maturity in mind.

What you get from The Audit

Audit Overview

How do we do it

Apiwiz analyzes your traffic data



APIwiz Cloud


Apiwiz collects your traffic data automatically


Total visibility and control with automated API asset tracking

Track API calls, responses, errors and data accuracy

Gain insights into your API's risk exposure

Measure your API program's current state of compliance


Define data constraints to protect against attacks

Detect and prevent suspicious activity before it causes damage


Identify and control sensitive data usage

Set monitors for API health, usage and performance