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Top Three API products Trends for Developers to Consider in 2022

The 2020 API trends for developers included increased emphasis on user experience, centralization, automated delivery of new APIs with integrated testing, and security and governance. So, what is in store for 2022

Creating an efficient API ecosystem from scratch: The do’s and don’ts

The variety of analogies to explain how an API management platform works to the average person can be almost comical: from car engines to tapestries woven from fabric pieces – APIs have even been likened to magic. One of the most common and useful metaphors for what API products actually do is to compare their function to waiters in a restaurant. A thriving API ecosystem is similar to a well-run eatery with servers taking orders, running to the kitchen, and returning with the desired result.

6 tell-tale signs that you’re ready to scale with API Products

Like most organizations today, you are probably looking to optimize your business model. As API technologies become more advanced, with promising new functionalities, enterprises of all sizes should be aiming to embrace the utility of APIs within their wider technology strategy.

3 reasons why collaborative API governance is a must

The number of APIs in circulation continues to grow exponentially. Fueling both Web 2.0 and Web3 iterations, APIs are working harder than ever to continually patch our digital architectures together and keep the web afloat. The importance of resilient and trustworthy digital infrastructures has only been made more evident by the pandemic, when work and other parts of life such as pre-booking an event and ordering items online also boomed.

5 Best Practices for Effective API Governance

Best practices are the models for techniques and methods agreed upon by the wider community in an industry as superior to alternative options. Without good governance at every stage of an API's lifecycle, our entire digital architecture becomes increasingly vulnerable to errors and security threats. With so much at stake, we should not underestimate the importance of setting and achieving best practices in API governance.

What is API governance?

API governance is vital for the successful standardization of patterns, blueprints, and templates. Whether you’re working within an organization or as an independent developer, standardization helps to reduce complexity issues while increasing reusability and fostering more resilient API architectures.

The Future of the API Products Landscape

Trends to watch out for in the changing API landscape.

How to Use API Lifecycle Management to Future-Proof Your Organization

Application Programming Interface (API) technologies have evolved in their complexity with the growth of digital culture and the internet. With over 200 million APIs now in use, they have become the central component of our hyper-connected world.

How To Improve API Adoption With A Platform-Based Approach

The use of APIs as the building blocks of the internet is expected to continue in 2022, with an estimated nearly 200 million public and private APIs in use. Businesses have been waking up to the strategic value of APIs. APIs are vital for organizations looking to digitize their services to transfer into the digital age successfully.

Design-First approach made easy through visual API design studio

Recent years have been a boom time for the API economy. There's an API solution for practically every need: Payment APIs, communications APIs, shipping APIs, are just three examples and there are many, many more.

How to run API programs effectively at scale and with good governance

For organizations across all industries striving to remain competitive today and preparing for future success, APIs are increasingly important. Their role is critical to SaaS, mobile application development and cross-software integration and communication.

The platform where API reliability, security and compliance meet

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