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Unite development, testing & deployment to increase stability.

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Test & Deploy
AimContract testing for API governance

Test Automation

Design and build reliable APIs using automated tests and robust test coverage based on API contracts that have already been designed & approved.

AimContinuous testing increases release velocity

Continuous Testing

Chain together complex API transactions and workflows to create and run test cases on-demand, or using CICD, to increase deployment frequency and reduce downtime.

AimAPI & CLI integration


The APIwiz command line interface (CLI) is a unified tool for management and control of multiple services from the command line, or with automation through scripts.

AimContinuous delivery with integrated CICD

Continuous Integration or CICD

Get a workflow visualizer that shows your entire path to production in a single view, and reduce mean time to production using CICD to build and deploy trusted artifacts.

AimA more predictable release model

Release Management

Deploy on-demand using a flexible, gated release model and add security or compliance reviews to your pipelines and easily standardize, scale, and audit check across your organization.

AimReduce outages with configuration management

Configuration Management

Avoid disruption caused by manual errors and changes to configuration through centralizing ownership using version controlled configuration management.

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